Creamy chilli garlic prawn fettuccine with parsley.


I made this recipe about a week ago *breaks out into the Shmoney dance* and used no cream. I didn’t have any at home so I went for a more olive oil based sauce inspired by Laura Vitale. It was really tasty! I made it a bit too spicy though, but didn’t use less chilli powder in tonight’s recipe because I knew that the addition of cream would counter the heat but still give me incredible flavour. Continue reading “Creamy chilli garlic prawn fettuccine with parsley.”

Creamy mushroom chilli garlic pasta sauce, with herbs.


I was looking for a way to enjoy creamy mushroom pasta without the mushrooms infusing the cream entirely when cooked. I love creamy mushroom sauce! But… I craved some variety. In this recipe I used garlic and onion powder to maximise the flavour.

Continue reading “Creamy mushroom chilli garlic pasta sauce, with herbs.”