Pad chilli basil chicken.


Spicy Thai chilli basil stir fry. Yum. Delicious. This was the first dish I cooked with Thai basil and I was very pleased with the results. Can I email Facebook staff and tell them I want to update my profile as being in a relationship with Thai basil? Because I would really like to do that.

Thai basil is so wonderfully fragrant and tasty. In the car when I was bringing it home from the markets, I held it in front of my face the entire way. I kept inhaling it. I just felt like I had been transported to a Thai restaurant and was mentally salivating at the thought of finally being able to put these delicious leaves in various Thai recipes. Continue reading “Pad chilli basil chicken.”

Garlic basil salmon fillet.


Salmon makes such a lovely meal. It tastes nice seasoned with simply salt and pepper, but the basil… It tasted so good. I baked this with some seasoned chips from a frozen pack and drizzled a little bit of honey mustard salad dressing on it

Only a teeny bit of basil paste was needed. You can see from the photos that the fish isn’t coated in green leaf bits from the basil to the point where the fish is hidden. The basil just needs to give a touch of extra flavour.

Continue reading “Garlic basil salmon fillet.”