25 things to do during Autumn.


#21 – Skype your grandparents! I miss my grandmother in Bangladesh so much, and my baby cousin Aayan. 😦 I want to see their faces everyday.

Damn it. I completely missed the window to post my list for summer! I mean yeah, I spent a third of it overseas but just because I write the lists doesn’t mean that I’m obligated to somehow to enact every item. It’s just meant to be reading material for you guys. *sigh*

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25 things to do during Spring.


Not taking my own advice from #18 haha. 20th birthday throwback | View on Instagram

This post was inspired by Gala Darling’s article here. There is a another similar list here which I found when searching for Gala’s post so that I could link it. I will probably make a similar list next season and I’ll try to keep them as unisex as possible. Continue reading “25 things to do during Spring.”