NYX Gel Liner & Smudger [Review]


I was shopping with my friend Saira (post pending??maybe??idk) and I had noticed they’d restocked this product at Target, and on a whim I decided to purchase it. I never spend so much money on eyeliner/eyeshadow that’s just one colour and not part of a palette, but this colour really appealed to me. Plus blue eye make up seems to complement my eyes really well.

At the end of the post I’ve included a selfie of me wearing the product, and I will later put up more photos in separate posts.

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MaxFactor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick [Review]


I noticed a tester for the ‘Passionate Red’ a while back and wanted to buy it before I went to my friend Priyanka’s birthday dinner because I thought it would suit the outfit I had picked out. I thought I’d review my new purchase here. I was anticipating the colour to be a more cherry red on my lips, but it was a bit more pink.

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Creamy caramel coffee milkshakes.


I wanted something sweet to drink and I had half a small carton of cream leftover to use up. Ordinarily I’d have used vanilla ice cream, but this time I omitted all vanilla ice cream and extract from the recipe.

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e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator [Review]


Okay so this is my first time reviewing a product on this blog. I don’t know at this time if I will limit it to just cosmetics. I’ll see how I go. Also I haven’t really established a format for my posts in general. I have a standard format of intro/ingredients/method/notes for my recipe posts but with my outfit posts I’m very random, sometimes discussing the fashion and other times discussing… not the fashion. I don’t plan to get into the ingredients of this product, simply because I don’t want to. Now lets move on.

I get flaky lips no matter what the season is. This is because my lips are covered in SKIN and that is just something that skin DOES. It replenishes itself and the old stuffs get shed away like snakes itchin’ outta their bodayy-suits yo. (What the flipping fuck am I saying here? I feel like I’m crossing Bill Nye, Andrew Scott’s Moriarty, and Superwoman from YouTube all at once…) Continue reading “e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator [Review]”