25 things to do during Summer

  1. Cliche… PICNIC
  2. Keep a journal of all the dreams you have. Analyse them later and see if the meanings relate to your life at present.
  3. Get some mini doughnuts and spread Nutella on them. Sprinkle with various toppings like mini mallows, mini Oreos, sprinkles. Take pics.
  4. Find some paid surveys to do online and see if you can redeem any prizes.
  5. Wash your make up brushes. You know it’s time.
  6. Read this article because it is HILARIOUS.
  7. Write out a list of things you are thankful for and stick it to your mirror.
  8. Try learning a dance routine.
  9. Make up a card game.
  10. Post and delete those memes from your camera roll. They’ve served their time in the prison of your phone.
  11. Watch a film in another language. The world of cinema is vast and wondrous.
  12. Try making Ras Malai. It’s delicious.
  13. Collect your old magazine and re-read them. Go down pop culture memory lane.
  14. Make your own facial mist. These are very handy in the summer heat.
  15. Go bowling with friends.
  16. Make a sock puppet. Mine is called Sockbrina.
  17. Do a blind book exchange with some friends. Wrap the books in brown paper or newspaper. Don’t even write a blurb. Just swap them around and get some new reading material.
  18. Host an ice cream party.
  19. Try making your own ice cream. There are heaps of recipes that don’t call for an ice cream machine nowadays!
  20. Make a paper fan. Pretty ideas on Pinterest here.
  21. Try learning a new craft.
  22. Go on a road trip with some friends.
  23. Start a little herb garden. Very handy to grow some herbs at home.
  24. Design your own t-shirt.
  25. Get some beads and gem stones and bling up a pair of thongs.

25 things to do during Winter.

Alright it’s been a while since I’ve posted an activity list! Let’s crack into it. 😛 This list again has a combination of solo and group activities.  

19. Paint something. A painting, a piece of furniture, your nails, a red door that could be black.

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