25 things to do during Winter.

Alright it’s been a while since I’ve posted an activity list! Let’s crack into it. 😛 This list again has a combination of solo and group activities.  

19. Paint something. A painting, a piece of furniture, your nails, a red door that could be black.

  1. Read some new poetry. Check out Warsan Shire, Rupi Kaur. Nayyirah Waheed.Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
  2. Research some DIY facial recipes and give your skin some love in the drying winter air.
  3. Make a blanket nest and snuggle into it with your laptop and watch sci-fi films all day.
  4. Take a hot bath in the evening and sip on a herbal tisane. Epsom salts recommended!
  5. Write a treatment for that TV show you and your best friend apparently should have because you’re hilarious.
  6. Watch a TV show about other people who are best friends after you give up on your TV show pitch.
  7. Go to a museum or art gallery with some friends.
  8. Cull your wardrobe for items that are barely worn or never worn, and donate them to a homeless shelter.
  9. In my previous post I said to write a letter to yourself in 10  years. Now I suggest recording a vlog to yourself in 5 years. A lot changes in even an hour, so go ahead and leave some audio-visuals for the future you.
  10. Make something for your parents. Here’s a gift I made for my parents last Spring on their anniversary. I’m throwing this in the list because I want to make something else for them without an occasion. (Comment any ideas down below!)
  11. Bake an apple and cinnamon spiced cake like this one!
  12. Make a playlist for every season. Songs that remind you of Winter first!
  13. Go to one of those restaurants you always pass but have never visited. The time is now. 
  14. DIY some birthday cards. We’re constantly buying birthday gifts for friends and family so those cards will definitely be useful.
  15. Go dancing! I went to a silent disco and it was quite fun. Grab some friends and go to a club, or festival and have a good time.
  16. Make a green tea body scrub.
  17. Make a green tea! Hot and hydrating, green tea is full of beneficial properties.
  18. Make some chocolate bark. It’s very straightforward and the topping options are endless!
  19. Paint something. A painting, a piece of furniture, your nails, a red door that could be black.
  20. If you’re not a vegetarian, try out a small vegetarian meal plan like Meatless Mondays.
  21. If you don’t already wear SPF start fucking wearing it and practice incorporating it into your skin care so that you’re ready for Spring and Summer! The sun shines in every season.
  22. Start a blog. (And then never update it like I seem to.)
  23. Collect all the abandoned stationery around your bedroom (or home in general) and make a communal stationery hub for the household! If you have stuff like unused coloured paper, extra erasers, pens, post-its, notebooks, staplers, folders, just shove it all into a basket or box and tell the household about it. Everyone can rummage in it for something they might need and save a trip to the store for something that may be within reach!
  24. Delete old text messages from people you don’t talk to anymore and clear your contacts.
  25. Listen to this song. It’s an old and underrated track, but it’s nice, and the first week of Winter always reminds me of it.

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