Reasons to look your best at university.


Throwback to 2014. My best friend Saira took this photo and I took some of her. I was really into OOTD stuff back then. 🙂

Following the last post which was my first submission to the student newspaper at UWS, here is my second submission the next year that also made the cut. I wrote about fashion at university because I thought it suited the university publication, but most of it is still relevant to TAFE or work environments. This one isn’t available on the Cruwsible site.

I remember I loved creating outfits and uni was a place I went to frequently and could make myself look ‘put-together’ for. I found this secluded brick wall at Bankstown campus I loved ‘posing’ and taking OOTD pictures at. My girlfriends at uni called it “Sabrina’s wall” and it became a thing to our group to take photos there and chill when we were together. If you crawl through earlier posts you might discover photos from that location, if I haven’t successfully removed all my old fashion posts. 

Everyone has their own approach to dressing for university. For school-leavers especially, after a long era of uniforms it’s a nice way to express oneself through their wardrobe. Students of all ages however should make an effort to dress for uni. It’s nice to make yourself presentable for uni because in a way it shows your lecturers and tutors that you respect them and that you take your place of study seriously. To quote the American fashion designer Tom Ford: “Dressing well is a form of good manners.”

I myself do not dress in the same style every day. Sometimes because I wish to experiment, and sometimes because I have 10 minutes to do my morning ablutions and get dressed before running to the bus stop. I evaluate how much effort I put into my appearance based on whether my mum asks me “Why are you so dressed up for today?” or not – a question I always answer with “I just felt like it” (and also adding a shrug so that my mum doesn’t think I’m being impertinent).

Our bodies are canvases for the art of fashion and style – and style can be anything: preppy, librarian chic, hipster, retro/pin-up, Lolita, athletic/sporty, grunge, bohemian, the list goes on! You can experiment with a freedom that you don’t get with school or work uniforms

Putting effort into your outfits can make your excessive shopping habit feel justified. This is where you can apply the rule of cost per wear. Your $70 leather jacket that ‘goes with everything’? Wear it once it cost you $70, but the more times you wear it the cost is divided. If you wear it 20 times, then the cost of that jacket is reduced to $3.50 for each time you wore it.

Spending time improving your appearance is also a really easy way to boost one’s confidence! You will likely feel a lot better if you are dressed in clothes you like and think you look good in. Of course dressing up doesn’t mean dressing fancy or uncomfortably at all which might be how some people feel. It can simply mean styling your hair, adding accessories. It’s one of those activities that kicks our minds into a more productive mode. Like showering in the morning, or even leaving the house to study at uni, getting ready is another way to create a subtle sense of purpose for the day ahead.

Some students feel that dressing up is something to be saved for special occasions – but why not choose to view your life as a constant special occasion? Besides, you never know who you might bump into on campus! I have been in the misfortunate position of looking ‘slovenly’ by my personal standards on days when by coincidence so many of my friends I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks were also at uni. While I’m on the topic of friends, I have to point out that dressing up might possibly help you to disentangle you from friendships with people who have a problem with you wanting to look your best; after all, why be friends with someone who doesn’t like how you dress and lets you know unkindly?

Looking your best with the aid of apparel and accessories is a convenient way to start conversations with people. A compliment, or asking someone where they got an article of clothing that they’re wearing could bloom into a friendship. Looking your best can even be as simple as wearing a smile with your favourite tracksuit pants and jumper, and wearing a smile at uni is always a great option.

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