Bangladesh 2015, Haul.


Okay, so I have many posts to catch up on… Eep. Here is my first post for 2015! My first ever ‘haul’ post. This is just to share what I bought my mum and aunt (my calamuni for you Bengalis out there) bought for me during my family vacation in Bangladesh. It is unlikely I will do more haul posts like this on WordPress. I occasionally share things I buy that are fashion/cosmetic/book related on my various Tumblr accounts.

I am also not planning to do any posts dedicated to my entire vacation, though I’m certain anecdotes and other tidbits relevant will seep into other posts. I may do a post about my visit to Mehendiganj, but I think I’d rather keep the other photographs and details of my holiday to myself. Mainly because look how lazy I already am posting about my loves: food and fashion. I rarely post about that, so posting different stuff about Bangladesh will take forever to get onto here haha.

My apologies if this post is getting a bit long already. :/ So here’s the breakdown of what I got:

  1. Three eyeliners
    Lakme Instaliner in black – I got one of these the last time I visited Bangladesh two years ago and I loved it so much! I lost it when my family moved house. 😦 Unfortunately I was only able to get one black instaliner.
    Lakme Instaliner in blue – When I saw that there was a blue variant of the instaliner I felt like I just had to have it. My calamuni bought this for me. 🙂 I am very grateful because I love, love, love blue eye makeup. Unfortunately this one smells really old and probably isn’t safe to use. I still keep gooping it on my eyelids… I seem to not care about whether my eyes remain healthy??? 😛 Once this dries it goes super dark too! So it doesn’t look as vibrant as it does wet in the bottle, it gets closer to navy.
    Jordana eyeliner in black – I picked up two of these. One for me and one for my mum. The quality of this is not as good as the Lakme instaliner to be honest. I like the applicator however. It’s thin just like the instaliner and application looks very precise.
  2. Four claw hair clips
    I really love the variety of claw clips in Bangladesh. If I had gone out shopping more, my mum and I would have brought home so many but that wasn’t possible this time around. I only got to check out two stores and bought these four at one of them. There were more colours but I wasn’t keen to have basically the same clips in 10 colours so I just got two of the two designs I liked most. In Bangladesh apparently most women call these “punch clips”. I’ve also heard these referred to as jaw clips in the past. I chose these smaller ones because I didn’t like the designs of the longer claw clips that I saw.
  3. Cadbury Silk Caramello chocolate
    I just had a craving for chocolate and asked my aunt if I could have it while doing groceries. I forgot to eat it as it was in my suitcase. Basically a tiny block of Caramello which is widely available in Australia. What’s not available in Australia is Nestle Alpino chocolate. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to “import” any of those because the shop my aunt frequents had run out.
  4. Two Sahiba three-piece suits
    How could I go to Bangladesh and return without some new Desi clothes?! It’s unheard of to do such a thing for non-residential Bangladeshi women. Unfortunately while we were in Bangladesh political hartals started up and so my shopping opportunities became super rare. We didn’t even get to have our selections stitched up, so that will need to be done here in Sydney because until then these babies cannot be worn.
    No clue as to what country the Sahiba brand originated from but I know it’s imported to Bangladesh. I am super picky about Desi wear. I rejected so many other three-piece suits by various designers, from various lookbooks at at a multitude of stores. Only these two by Sahiba were worthy of purchase in my opinion. There was one similar to the beige and dark blue dress; dark pink and beige design. I tend to favour dark blue a lot and didn’t want my mum to pay a lot of money for a dress I didn’t love. The purple dress and the beige dress had both caught my eye a few weeks earlier and I didn’t know if they’d still be available but alhamdulillah they were. THANK YOU, GOD. (And thank you, mum… for paying.)
  5. A knock-off Michael Kors clutch
    What can I say? Idgaf that it’s not real. I only liked it because it was pink and pretty. There was a red one but I much favoured this colour. There were some ‘Chanel’ clutches, similar patent leather desgin in navy and red but this one was the prettiest to me. It came with a lovely gold chain. I’ve already used this bag once since coming home! I took it when I went out for lunch for my friend Saira’s birthday. 🙂

I’d like to thank my calamuni (maternal aunt) and my mother (the woman who ‘borned’ me) for effectively sponsoring this post. Love ya both. May Allah bless you both for putting up with my cranky ass throughout my fever and asthma and impossible to satisfy cravings. If I seemed like I was more happy during the infrequent and short shopping trips than I was spending time with my little cousins… that’s because I was. Do I sound selfish? I don’t care. I’m happy that I got tangible things for myself. I mean I certainly love my cousins and will cherish my memories of our time spent playing but… I channeled Tom Haverford on more than one occasion during my vacation.


Disclaimer: I do not own above image. Screen caps are from Parks and Rec episode “Emergency Response” (S5E13).

Please don’t ask me for the prices of anything. I don’t remember them. I won’t ask my mum or aunt, and I wouldn’t convert that taka to dollars either to give you perspective on how much things cost in Barisal, Bangladesh. #lazyblogger





2 thoughts on “Bangladesh 2015, Haul.

  1. Hey Sabrina
    as usual I love your haul especially the Michael Kors bag that you wore to my Birthday Lunch. It’s such a pretty colour and looks lovely. I’m also interested in seeing your Sahiba clothing perhaps at chand rat later this year.
    Ok ciao for now xx Saira

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Saira. I appreciate your attention to detail. 🙂 I’m glad I ‘premiered’ the clutch that day with you in Newtown.
      I’m excited to see posts from you i’A. xx

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