NYX Gel Liner & Smudger [Review]


I was shopping with my friend Saira (post pending??maybe??idk) and I had noticed they’d restocked this product at Target, and on a whim I decided to purchase it. I never spend so much money on eyeliner/eyeshadow that’s just one colour and not part of a palette, but this colour really appealed to me. Plus blue eye make up seems to complement my eyes really well.

At the end of the post I’ve included a selfie of me wearing the product, and I will later put up more photos in separate posts.

So onto the review. I’ve worn this product a number of times now. At home for a bit of random make up play (how many of y’all do this? It can’t just be me.) and for a couple of events so far. Each time it has had long wear!

Packaging: Teeny glass pot, packed in a teeny cardboard box. Nothing fancy, no overkill.

Ease of use: Okay this has a straightforward application process. Using the brush of your choice flat rounded or thin paintbrush style or a standard eyeliner brush and dip it into the pot and swipe on as much product as you desire on the brush and then apply it on your eyelid as you desire. It is as easy to apply as any gel eyeliner, and it is smudge proof after just a minute (even though it says it can be used as a smudger). You can blend out the product when putting it on but it quickly gets drier and does not budge. If you make a mistake you will need eye make up remover, because water alone will not be helpful to clean up unwanted liner marks.

Effectiveness: Like I stated above, each time I’ve worn this eyeliner it has had long wear. It is very long lasting and very pigmented. The morning after my birthday party (post pending) I woke up, and having not taken off my make up before sleeping – yes, major skin crime, I am aware – had to greet my mum’s Avon lady with my eyelids still packed with blue eyeliner. I used it all over my lid for my birthday party, without smudging like the box suggested. Just packed on thickly, and it looked great! It didn’t crinkle, crease or harden up. (I hadn’t primed my eyelids either.)

Price: $14.95

Repurchase in future? I will definitely buy this product again when I’ve finished it. I love this shade of blue so much. I also want to collect the green shade and perhaps the purple shade that NYX also offers.










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