MaxFactor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick [Review]


I noticed a tester for the ‘Passionate Red’ a while back and wanted to buy it before I went to my friend Priyanka’s birthday dinner because I thought it would suit the outfit I had picked out. I thought I’d review my new purchase here. I was anticipating the colour to be a more cherry red on my lips, but it was a bit more pink.

I’ve only included one selfie of me wearing the colour in this post. There will be more photos later from Priyanka’s birthday (post pending).

Packaging: With this product there is no excess packaging. Simple thick stick with a lid, sealed in plastic wrap. No waste.

Ease of use: It’s a very simple application, you just swipe the pen stick (a thick pencil) across your lips to get the colour on. The stick needs to be sharpened to get more product out, and I think a twist-up applicator would be more convenient.

Effectiveness: This product is moderately effective, colour wise. It isn’t highly opaque, but the colour lingers for a while, staining your lips and it is always shimmery like it is before you apply it. You need to apply it a bit thicker to make the colour pop but it’s creamy so it doesn’t stay on suitably. Reapplication is necessary to maintain good solid colour.

Price: $9.95 from Target.

Repurchase in future? Unlikely. I wanted the colour to be more red than dark pink, and to be a bit less sheer. I really have to apply it very generously which I don’t like to do with the creamy formula, as it tends to rub off anyway and ends up looking as though I haven’t applied it liberally.






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