Lime Crime Velvetines liquid matte lip stain [Review]

IMG_9390If you read my Galentine’s Day post you will know that I had been wanting to buy a Lime Crime product, and finally decided to once I saw my friend wearing it. I just thought the shade looked so vibrant and hot!

Packaging: Pretty shiny cardboard box in a deep vibrant shade of red. Pretty roses dot the box, the Lime Crime way. Inside is the lipstick. Sturdy tubing. Matte frosty appearance on the clear section containing the liquid lipstick – evoking the matte lipstick formula I guess. The lid, like the cardboard box, is a shiny red scattered with the rosy silhouettes.

Ease of use: This product is easy to use – and frankly if you need a lot of guidance with applying a lip colour from a wand… I don’t wanna be a condescending bitch here haha. Just trust me, this is easy to use. Swipe the colour onto your lips and wait less than minute for it to dry matte.

Effectiveness: *sighs* The Lime Crime site describes this product like so: “Lip stain that goes on liquid and dries completely matte. Touch-proof, long-wearing, and utterly addictive!” This is not the entire truth. As my friend Ishrat told me the day we went bowling, the lip stain smudged a lot. So it isn’t

Price: $23.95 off a Melbourne-based eBay seller. (Kudos to them for free shipping!)

Repurchase in future? Maybe. I do like the colour a lot, but I don’t think it will be impossible to find cheaper dupes of this. Nonetheless I do intend to buy the ‘Pink Velvet’ and ‘Black Velvet’ shades. (If only there was a dark blue velvet one too! 😦 Perhaps a future collection will include it.) I’ve seen my friend Ishrat wearing the ‘Pink Velvet’ shade and she looked phenomenal. She assured me it would suit me as well, and if it doesn’t I’ll probably let my mum use it.

At the end of the post there are some photos (of the selfie variety mostly) wearing the Red Velvet ‘Velvetines’ shade. 🙂 They’re not all from the same day, but from various instances of wearing the lip stain.





View on Instagram. | I am wearing this lip colour in more photos over here, and in more picture on Instagram and Tumblr.

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