e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator [Review]


Okay so this is my first time reviewing a product on this blog. I don’t know at this time if I will limit it to just cosmetics. I’ll see how I go. Also I haven’t really established a format for my posts in general. I have a standard format of intro/ingredients/method/notes for my recipe posts but with my outfit posts I’m very random, sometimes discussing the fashion and other times discussing… not the fashion. I don’t plan to get into the ingredients of this product, simply because I don’t want to. Now lets move on.

I get flaky lips no matter what the season is. This is because my lips are covered in SKIN and that is just something that skin DOES. It replenishes itself and the old stuffs get shed away like snakes itchin’ outta their bodayy-suits yo. (What the flipping fuck am I saying here? I feel like I’m crossing Bill Nye, Andrew Scott’s Moriarty, and Superwoman from YouTube all at once…)

I’d been wanting to buy this product for a while but wasn’t seeing it at the K-Mart in Casula that my family frequently shops at. I like this e.l.f. lip exfoliator because it saves me the effort of making another lip scrub with granules of sugar and Vaseline. I read another review where the user said she had to rub her product for a bit to reach the grainy part, but for me it was really quickly exposed. The product has a rough sandpaper-like texture which is fabulous for exfoliation. It was quite sturdy too, the balmy wax/oil that binds the grains together. Not mushy. Keeps the stick intact!

This exfoliator tastes nice and has a pleasant vanilla/brown sugar type fragrance. I feel like I can finally stop lusting after ‘The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ’, the lip scrubs by LUSH, and the ‘Sugar Lip Polish’ by Fresh. They all have dainty, pretty packaging and appealing descriptions but I am highly satisfied with my e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator which is nowhere near as expensive as those products. I just hope when Sydney’s Sephora store opens in December I can resist the urge to buy a Fresh ‘Sugar Lip Polish’ anyway!

Packaging: Surprisingly the case of this product is metal. I think for it’s low price I was expecting it to be in a plastic tube. Not complaining here. I think the design of the tube is sleek and stylish. The lip scrub’s tube comes in an exposed cardboard box. The box has the directions on the back. The only info on the tube is a tiny sticker on the base reading “Clear” and some numbers. So if you’ve got this and misplace or dispose of the box hopefully you’ll remember how to use it. That’s actually the next thing I was going to talk about!

Ease of use: Instructions were very clear. The application is straightforward and convenient. I like that I do not need to dip my finger into any gooey mixture, and that this can be applied directly from its tube. Makes my life a lot easier.

Effectiveness: I did not follow the instructions properly; I was supposed to have dampened my lips prior to application which I neglected to do the first three times I used the product. Nonetheless all three times I was very happy with the results. I used it again the fourth time with strict adherence to the package directions: very smooth result! Everytime I’ve applied this exfoliator I’ve experienced a tingling on my lips afterwards which I attribute to the new, supple skin being exposed. Similar to when I would rotate a toothbrush over my lips in the past. So… effectiveness/10. 🙂

Price: $8 (e.l.f. products can be found in K-Mart stores in Australia. I got mine at Bankstown Central, my fellow Sydney-siders.)

Repurchase in future? Yes. Yes, yes, oh God yes.

I’ve attached a photograph of me post-application, at the bottom of the page. It’s a filtered photo taken with my front-facing camera, which is not as HD as the regular camera of my iPhone 4. Nonetheless it shows my lips looking very supple true to how my mouth looked in person. (I am wearing a berry coloured lipstain in the photo too, just for full disclosure since it’s a black and white selfie.)






I was watching SUPEReeeGo on YouTube here, haha.





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