Coconut hot chocolate.


I opened up a can of Trident coconut milk today and it smelt really sweet. I decided to taste it and found that it was much sweeter than any other coconut milk brand I’d ever used. Thankfully I had another 400 ml can of coconut milk of a different brand, so the beef red curry I had already started to prepare was saved. Continue reading “Coconut hot chocolate.”

Pad chilli basil chicken.


Spicy Thai chilli basil stir fry. Yum. Delicious. This was the first dish I cooked with Thai basil and I was very pleased with the results. Can I email Facebook staff and tell them I want to update my profile as being in a relationship with Thai basil? Because I would really like to do that.

Thai basil is so wonderfully fragrant and tasty. In the car when I was bringing it home from the markets, I held it in front of my face the entire way. I kept inhaling it. I just felt like I had been transported to a Thai restaurant and was mentally salivating at the thought of finally being able to put these delicious leaves in various Thai recipes. Continue reading “Pad chilli basil chicken.”