Mushroom salad.


I’d never had mushrooms in a salad before. I had a bunch left over from some fried noodles and scrambled eggs that I made earlier in the week, so I looked on Google Images at the most appetising pictures and recipes and put in what I wanted out of what I had. I mainly adapted from this recipe.

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Blueberry smoothie.


This is the first smoothie I ever made. The frozen blueberries had been sitting in the freezer for a long time and I was looking for quick breakfast fixes at the start of last semester. After I made this I offered some to my uncle and aunt. (This was about a week after they’d arrived in Australia.) My uncle said to give him a small serve, thinking he wouldn’t like the taste. He was wrong. Soon there was none left and my promise to make more is taking a lot longer than I’d anticipated to fulfill. To me it tasted quite yoghurty, but thinner in texture.

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Egg fried rice.


Some mornings last year I would watch Frasier or Charmed on channel 11 if I didn’t have a lecture to go to. Before that, if I was up early enough, Alive and Cooking would be on. This fried rice recipe is adapted from one I saw James Reeson prepare. He kept talking about how simple and easy it was to make. I think it’s only simple and easy when you have all the ingredients and also your kitchen is not in a state of disarray.

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